My First SpectraCell Micronutrient Results

I just received my first SpectraCell Micronutrient lab results. This is the test Timothy Ferris mentions in The 4-Hour Body. The test costs $400, but if you visit a clinic or doctor’s office to draw the blood they will probably charge you a consultation fee of close to $200. So skip the doctor and go straight to a draw center like Any Lab Test Now.

I’m sharing my results here because I didn’t find many others doing so and I’m pretty sure people are searching for real test results to see how they are represented.

I plan to take the test again in 6 months.

spectracell-results-1 spectracell-results-2 spectracell-results-3 spectracell-results-4

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  1. FWIW, I had a micronutrient test done last year and it was spot on in regards to how I feel and what supplements I am deficient in. Boy did a have some deficiencies and borderline d’s. Thanks

  2. I am having a very rough time withdrawing from an antidepressant I was on for 15 yrs. Was wondering if this testing could help me. I am having miserable symptoms. Any thoughts?

  3. Just to clarify the test is $190 when ordered through a doctor. The test is about half as expensive for Medicare patients. When ordered without a doctor the test is closer to $400. I personally charge a $50 consultation fee, which brings the grand total to $240 for my patients. While you can order the test without a doctor, I would strongly recommend having your results reviewed by a trained medical professional.

    Ashley, the results take about three weeks to come in and nutrient deficiencies take around six to eight months to correct. If you have not done so already, please see consult the physician who prescribed you the antidepressants and inform him/her of your withdraw symptoms you are having. While a functional micronutrient test will not be a quick fix for the issues you are having, long term medication use is a major cause of vitamin and mineral deficiencies so having your levels assessed and corrected can help change your life for the better in the long run.

    Dr. Britt

  4. I had a test 2 years ago and it was spot on. I wanted to repeat
    it and was disappointed with my recent test: it is flawed.
    It indicates deficiencies in VitD and b12. They happened to be my strongest vitamins, had them recheck and they were on the high side. Maybe my blood wasn’t fresh enough, it took
    48hours to reach them. They refuse to admit any mistake and won’t refund me. In addition, the company is not customer friendly and disorganized. I would not deal with them again.
    I think Genova does a similar test.

  5. My insurance covered 100% so calling insurance first could save you $100s! One Dr said she never had an insurance company ever pay for them and had her hand out for $450. One simple call and I proved her wrong.

  6. I did not read all the comments but you definitely need to have you MTHFR checked. You have low B6, B12, Folate, and Choline. These nutrients play a role in methylation. You may require methylated forms of certain vitamins. Cyanocobalamin will not cut it. It should be a pretty inexpensive test to run (~$45) and you only run it once in your life. You should also have a homocysteine and CRP drawn. You have a lot of deficiencies that indicate something larger is going on.

  7. I started having micronutrient tests done 1 1/2 years ago – repeat it every 6 months (68 years old). I can’t say enough in regards to this type of testing. Without it, I’d be on multiple drugs given to me by my former PCP. For example, B12 deficiencies can cause so many problems, some that can’t be reversed if you wait too long. I feel so much better now, although it took a few months for my B12 levels to fall into the adequate zone. I’ve taken an acid reducing pill for about 10 years, which can have a huge impact on how you absorb vitamins and minerals from your food. I don’t know anything about antidepressants but I believe many medications can interfere with nutrient absorption.
    I do see a naturopath, who assists me with taking the proper supplements with the most effectiveness.
    I wish you the best.

  8. Hello, I was wondering if you could show the suggestions the lab gives you. Also, I noticed there is no iron, but do you know if anything on the test indicates iron toxicity/deficiency? Thanks!

  9. Have you been tested for a MTHFR Mutation? Your B Vitamin, Biotin and Folate might suggest a mild heterozygous mutation. Just curious as studies suggest that approximately 40% of the population has it and it cause an amplitude of other conditions (like histamine intolerance, Anxiety, depression and ADHD in myself. All of which are gone now.) I am going through this with my family and I am trying to get a spectracell draw site to call me back (Grrrr any lab test now)

  10. After a prolonged illness, I developed very bad anxiety and agoraphobia which lasted years. I took the spectracell test and practically everything I was deficient in (E, folate, zinc, etc.) had side effects of paranoia and/or anxiety. I began supplementing, and it took a few months, but the constant anxiety disappeared 100%, and the agoraphobia is about 90% gone, and both have stayed gone. I reccommend that test to anyone.

  11. Garett,

    I havent gotten my Micronutrient test done yet. However, I had a Genesight test a few months ago and it said “This individual is homozygous for the T allele of the C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene. This genotype is associatedwith significantly reduced folic acid metabolism, significantly decreased serum folate levels, and significantly increasedhomocysteine levels.” You mentioned ANXIETY in your comment. I suffer from Panic Disorder and GAD. Was your anxiety resolved by taking supplements? I’m sick of there anti-depressants and benzos

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