Documenting my Home Pool Construction Project

Pool construction in Texas is a very competitive industry. There are companies of every size and shape offering to build the pool of your dreams. Many approach the project as a full backyard makeover complete with a new deck or patio, grill, canopy, landscaping and fire pits. “Outdoor living environments” is the new trending term in the pool business. This saves the homeowner the hassle of searching for other contractors to complete their desired design. Of the pool companies offering this experience, I choose to work with Blue Science because they created for me some very compelling design prototypes that are within my price range.

Here’s what they sent:

Obviously the first design has the higher price tag. Blue Science did a great job of educating me on what cost what and why, so I can get the best value for my investment. Some additional pool features are disproportionately more expensive and apply to very niche needs or eccentric tastes. I have none of those.

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