The Real Reason Why Austin is Truly Superb

Do a search for “best reasons to move to Austin” or “10 reasons to live in Austin” or “Austin vs Portland” or “Austin vs Seattle” and you’ll get a swarm of rehashed and regurgitated articles about how the city has low unemployment, good schools, nice weather, and even some hopelessly naive sentiments like “Austin people are friendly”. But the true propeller behind a good life in Austin, TX is the city’s wealth of locally owned businesses. These businesses are supported by the many Austinites who have a acute taste for quality, contribution, and community. Local businesses in general don’t offer the lowest cost product, they don’t have that luxury. But local shoppers are looking at the big picture, the relationship of local buyers and sellers that makes a city flourish.

As a personal challenge, try to buy only local goods and services for one month in your city. Depending on your location this may prove to be quite difficult or even impossible. In Austin, not only is it easy, it’s pleasurable. Everything from buying groceries, furniture, hats, alcohol, jewelry, to hiring a moving company, or a pool service company, or getting a weekend rest at a hotel – all these otherwise normal shopping experiences, they taste sweeter when you feel and understand the local connection.