Niche Medical Job Boards

Niche job boards in many industries will always remain strong and quite necessary due to the native sensitivities of specifying position details in high skilled fields. The catch all approach of advertising these types of openings often attracts the wrong type of candidates, and worse, misses the eyes of highly qualified ones. In no other industry is this more true than the medical industry. Every medical specialty has nuances that require accurate representation in an appropriate place. As a recruiter, if you are looking to fill Internal Medicine positions, your “Internist” opening may attract a lot of internship seeking college students, unless it’s posted on a medical site dedicated to IM physicians.

Job listings like these below, ensure that applicants found each posting for the right reasons.

I think niche employment centers will continue to provide value and outperform catch-all career websites.


Job Search Analysis: Hospitalist Jobs

The field of hospital medicine is one vibrant and growing profession. Hospitalists are one of the few groups of people who do not worry about a bad economy. Their career is recession-proof because of the increasing number patients that lose their health insurance through unemployment. When you do not have a regular doctor, you visit the hospital more often; a hospital which will be staffing more and more hospitalists.

Despite the growing demand for these physicians and the high placement fees paid to recruiters, there are few quality job boards dedicated to hospitalist employment. The most recognized job board is on the Society of Hospital Medicine. But it is far from sufficient to someone with very specific criteria, because they usually only have around 200+ jobs. probably has the most hospitalist jobs of any dedicated job board (not counting job scrapers like Indeed and SimplyHired).

For physicians that already know what location they want to work in, they can also seek out location specific sites, which are becoming more popular in many professions. I found some great ones for hospitalists:

  • – AZ Jobs
  • – CA Jobs
  • – CO Jobs
  • – FL Jobs
  • – IL Jobs
  • – IN Jobs
  • – MD Jobs
  • – MA Jobs
  • – NV Jobs
  • – NY Jobs
  • – NC Jobs
  • – OH Jobs
  • – OR Jobs
  • – PA Jobs
  • – TN Jobs
  • – TX Jobs
  • – WA Jobs
  • is probably the last place a physician would think to search for a new opportunity and for good reason. The one-size-fits-all approach to employment ads is hardly impressive to the people within the profession. These people need to see industry specific details upfront and center. For hospitalists some of the most important details are Schedule Description and Shift Description. This information should never be omitted or buried in a huge paragraph. With a hospital medicine specific site, that won’t happen.