Austin Continues to Impress – Accolades Piling Up

Cities like Austin make Texans proud even if they don’t reside there. In 2013 Austin continued to rake in several top quality of life stats:

  • 110 people on average per day made Austin their new home.
  • Forbes ranked Austin #1 in economic growth.
  • Austin experienced a 19% year-over-year increase in single-family home sales.
  • New job openings at tech startups and growing small businesses averaged over 3200 per month.
  • The average Austin home was on the market a mere 50 days.
  • Median home prices increased 9.5% in Austin and the greater Austin area.
  • City unemployment dropped to 4.9%, far below the national average of 6.7%.
  • Austin’s future of education gained the interest of one billionaire investor.

Mark Cuban believes economic growth in Texas areas like Austin and Dallas will soon dwarf the Bay area and Silicon Valley.

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