My First SpectraCell Micronutrient Results

I just received my first SpectraCell Micronutrient lab results. This is the test Timothy Ferris mentions in The 4-Hour Body. The test costs $400, but if you visit a clinic or doctor’s office to draw the blood they will probably charge you a consultation fee of close to $200. So skip the doctor and go straight to a draw center like Any Lab Test Now.

I’m sharing my results here because I didn’t find many others doing so and I’m pretty sure people are searching for real test results to see how they are represented.

I plan to take the test again in 6 months.

spectracell-results-1 spectracell-results-2 spectracell-results-3 spectracell-results-4

52 thoughts on “My First SpectraCell Micronutrient Results”

  1. FWIW, I had a micronutrient test done last year and it was spot on in regards to how I feel and what supplements I am deficient in. Boy did a have some deficiencies and borderline d’s. Thanks

  2. I am having a very rough time withdrawing from an antidepressant I was on for 15 yrs. Was wondering if this testing could help me. I am having miserable symptoms. Any thoughts?

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