Austin Continues to Impress – Accolades Piling Up

Cities like Austin make Texans proud even if they don’t reside there. In 2013 Austin continued to rake in several top quality of life stats: 110 people on average per day made Austin their new home. Forbes ranked Austin #1 in economic growth. Austin experienced a 19% year-over-year increase in single-family home sales. New job […]… Read More

Home Ownership in Dallas Texas

Having owned a home in the Dallas area for almost a decade, I’ve used dozens of contractors for outdoor services such as tree trimming, pool service, landscaping, yard work, and sprinkler system upgrades and repairs. Finding dependable guys to do these services can be a challenge so I’ve recorded my sources of where I’ve found […]… Read More

Men’s Fashion: What’s the difference between a $50 and $150 necktie?

If you are a fashion neophyte like myself you probably have never thought much more beyond colors and patterns when choosing a new necktie. You arrive in the men’s section of the store and your eyes are instantly locked onto the colorful array of ties laid out like a Chinese fan. As you peruse through […]… Read More

Savvy Shopper: Researching a Pool Cleaning Service Company

I was recently searching for a pool management company to take care of weekly pool cleanings on two rent houses in Austin and San Antonio. Naturally I assumed I would be hiring two different companies, because most pool businesses are local to the city. I mean I certainly can’t think of a brand name in […]… Read More

Choosing from the crowd, which backup software is best for me.

Up until this year I’ve always done backups both for my desktop and web servers via a batch script setup as a scheduled task. It works, but it’s far from perfect. Now that I’ve become very comfortable with Amazon Web Services and their suite of features, I knew backing up to S3 storage would help […]… Read More